Targeted Selection

Tired of reading the same old CVs? Change the way you recruit talent forever and work with a recruitment partner that will always go the extra mile to deliver

The ability to attract and appoint the best people is integral to an organisation’s success.  Therefore, the quality of your recruitment partnerships can be directly linked to performance. 

Because we appreciate your time and we take pride in what we do, we go the extra mile to source high-quality candidates. Put simply, we will not only search our database and post jobs advertisements, we will also make discreet direct enquiries to suitably matched passive candidates through our extensive industry network.

Once we have mapped out the best place to commence our search and identified the best people to approach, we can begin the process of recruiting them into your business. We do this by understanding each prospective candidate's career aspirations and key motivators before we discuss any potential vacancies with them. By doing this we are able to qualify that they are right for your business and can then position your vacancy in the most appealing way to attract that candidate.

Our unique approach to contingency recruitment enables you to interview and select from the best possible shortlist of candidates for your business, not just the best of what was in our database or the best of the active candidates that may have applied via a job board.